What does your culture look like right now?

If you don’t know how can you improve it?

  • Culture Shaper will give you a snapshot that will show the shape and health of your current culture.
  • Suitable for teams, divisions, or whole of organisation.
  • Large, medium or small scale audits.
  • Curious as to whether your organisation or teams are optimised?
  • Any demographics/ multiple demographics reportable.
  • Already into culture? Here is a chance to review through a new lens supplying a comprehensive framework of 43 culture elements. Check your progress. Maybe you are missing a few important culture elements?
  • New to culture? Here is your best first step.
  • Necessary for strategic planning. If you don’t know where you are now, how can you plan future strategic directions?
  • Easy cloud-based technology.
  • DIY or we can help you.
  • Not another Pulse Survey or Engagement Survey. A totally new and innovative look at culture.
  • Add the results to any other metrics you may currently have. Make sure you are not overlooking elements important to your future culture.
  • May be additional to, or integrated with existing systems
  • Your employees will like the Career Development feedback they can receive if you wish.
  • Affordably priced


If you choose to continue with Culture Shaper, special tools and reports are available for recruiting and developing employees.

Create culture Role Descriptions so everyone is clear regarding culture role requirements for new and existing jobs.

Reports available to sponsor performance management and development discussions and decisions.

New longitudinal metrics and analytics provide great insight for future planning.

Click here for our free report – Improving Organisational Culture: Five Key Elements